Kitchen Remodeling

Complete Kitchen Remodeling

Project Summary

Project Name

Kitchen Remodeling

Project Type

Kitchen Remodeling

Project Date

10 April 2022

Project Manager

Midlands Premiere

Project overview

The challenges of the project

An original kitchen that was in desperate need of updating; the press-board cabinets were disintegrating from water leaks from an upstairs bathroom as well as the sink in the kitchen itself. A lack of counter space and overall lighting led to a dungeon-like feeling inside the kitchen.

The result of the project

By installing an additional cabinet in an adjacent corner of the kitchen we gave the homeowner a compact yet functional coffee station in her kitchen; maximizing her counter space in the rest of the kitchen. A fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceiling in combination with updated lighting and brand-new cabinets brought this dreary kitchen back to life!

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