Master Bath Remodel

Master Bath Remodel

Project Summary

Project Name

Master Bath Remodel

Project Type

Bathroom Remodel

Project Manager

Midlands Premiere

Project overview

The challenges of the project

A 1926 Central Columbia house featured a non-functional “master bathroom” layout that was originally separated from the master bedroom. Double 36-inch by 60-inch windows directly in front of a massive jacuzzi tub with no shower allowed for zero privacy. This bathroom also had a large amount of unused floor space.

The result of the project

This master bedroom and bathroom were combined to create a true master ensuite. The bathroom layout was reconfigured to allow for a new 66-inch tub/shower area and better feng shui. The replacement of the oversized windows with a 12 by 72-inch fixed window allowed for more wall space and a new vanity location. The original lighting was updated with new recessed lights including one over the tub and a new quiet high efficient exhaust fan was installed. 12 by 24-inch tiles were installed on the tub-surround walls up to the ceiling. A 15 by 36 inch LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) was installed on the bathroom floor and finished up with new baseboards and trim.

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